Picture of someone speaking on stage

We’re looking forward to your contribution to our conference in March.

We are now in the process of finalising our programme and our Stage Manager and AV Team are drawing together all the material that will be used during the weekend.

To give you a little more information about the sessions on the main stage and the facilities:

  • We will have two large screens to the sides of the main stage. Each screen will show your slides and video as well as images from a camera showing speakers on stage.
  • We will have a lectern on the stage and speakers will have the option to use a microphone on the lectern, a lapel mic or a handheld mic.
  • Speakers will have a ‘clicker’ to indicate to the backstage AV team that a slide should be moved on. Speakers will not directly control the slides from the lectern. This system has worked very well in past years and the AV team members have many years of experience of supporting our district conferences.
  • There will be a ‘comfort monitor’ at the front of the stage, so on this all speakers will be able to see what’s showing on the screens behind them so that no one needs to turn around away from the audience to look at the main screen. There will also be a clock next to this monitor, so all speakers will see their allotted time counting down. We will be strict on the on-stage timings throughout the weekend conference.

We have a mix of speakers, some professional, others less accustomed to public speaking. This form is for all, so please excuse the detail if this is all already obvious to you.

We would now be grateful if you could forward to us any slides you wish to use during your presentation, together with your script if you use one. We will be using Powerpoint for slides and can incorporate video material providing we have that in advance.

We would like your slides and video by 28th February please. This will give us time to check all content and to get back to you if there are any problems with formatting or image or sound quality.

Files can be emailed to production@rotary1090conference.org or you can email the team to arrange to share in icloud or dropbox or similar.

Please see the questions on the form below, complete and submit. This will help us to plan the event and ensure that we know what of your presentation we might share during and after the conference.

We look forward to seeing in March.

Best wishes,


Joan Greening (Stage Manager)

James Berkeley (AV Lead)