The Captain Tom Foundation

Overnight, Hannah Ingram-Moore became an integral part of ‘The World’s Greatest Philanthropic Lightning Strike’ that saw her late father, Captain Tom Moore, raise £38.9 million in three and a half weeks for the NHS, with donations from 163 countries.

In the darkness of the pandemic, the event became a global voice for era-defining change.

It offered a humanitarian connection which transcended boundaries to make a difference by representing the values of honesty, determination, inclusivity, integrity and hope.

Hannah and her family have been honoured to be at the centre of the fundraising phenomenon that was her late father, Captain Sir Tom Moore – himself a former Rotarian.

Hannah continues to be an integral part of the fundraising effort, making just under 4,000 media appearances across the world.

Along with her father and family, Hannah created The Captain Tom Foundation so they could continue to raise funds and shine a light on the values held dear to her father.

Through The Foundation, Hannah and her family are proactively raising awareness of the significance of different generations working and living together, this subsequently led to the World Health Organisation creating a global conversation and webinar on ageism.

Since Captain Sir Tom passed away in February 2021, Hannah has continued to raise further funds in his honour including the creation of the ‘Captain Tom 100’ campaign, launched on what would have been his 101st birthday last April.

This encouraged the nation to raise over £1m in just three days and has given corporates, charities and individuals the opportunity to engage with others, have fun and raise much needed funds.

Today Hannah continues to champion those values which have been instilled in her since childhood.

She has been bestowed two ‘Woman of the Year’ awards, jointly received the George H.W Bush Points of Light Award and was asked to become a World Health Organisation ambassador.