Co-founder of EndPlasticSoup

Gert-Jan is a Rotarian from Huizen Gooimeer, east of Amsterdam in Holland who, after 36 years of working for the computer giant IBM, quit his job to focus on Rotary and other charitable projects.

Prime among those project is EndPlasticSoup, a Rotary action group which he is the co-founder.

The initiative started in 2018 with five Rotary clubs in Amsterdam. It has now grown into a formidable environmental movement which has drawn together hundreds of Rotary clubs and thousands of Rotarians across the globe.

Their goal is to rid the world of plastics by 2050, with Rotary being at the forefront of that environmental movement.

EndPlasticSoup works with 50 corporate organisations worldwide. It has created a series of action package to provide a focus for Rotary club environmental packages.

And it is encouraging Rotarians to think smarter about their usage of plastics.