Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH)

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH) is a charity registered in England and Wales (no: 1141287). Set up in May 2011, ELoH raises money for child amputees in developing countries with their prosthetic and mobility needs. We currently care for 15 children in Sierra Leone and a further 15 in Liberia (two of the poorest countries in Africa), also providing them with education and in the past 18 months additional support to help them through the extra challenges of the pandemic. We also support a further 56 child amputees in India – having set up and funded a limb clinic located in a village for orphans in Andrha Pradesh. We are constantly aware of the huge need for this type of support for many more children also in many other countries and hope our presence at the Rotary village will help us raise funds, but also just as importantly awareness of this issue; children who cannot walk in these countries are some of the loneliest, most marginalised and stigmatised children in the world. We see this as hugely unjust and unnecessary and hope Rotarians will support ELoH do all it can to improve the lives of many more child amputees. Thank you.

Website: www.elizabethslegacyofhope.org

Contact: victoria@elizabethslegacyofhope.org