Rotary in the Thames Valley & Lemon Squeeze Productions Presents

Dinner-theatre featuring:


Rossetti’s Women

Will’s Will

Exeter Hall, Kidlington

Friday March 18th 7pm



7pm: Rosetti’s Women

8pm: Supper – provided by Climatarian Kitchen

9pm: Will’s Will

10pm: Close

Rossetti’s Women

Rossetti’s Women delves into the outrageous sex life and disastrous marriage of Dane Gabriel Rossetti, the 19th Century poet, illustrator, painter and translator, who founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The erstwhile wife, the earthy harlot, or the conniving socialite – which muse did Rossetti love the most?

Will’s Will

William Shakespeare has died and Anne Hathaway is trying to make sense of his will.

She is interrupted by Anne Whateley who claims a share of the inheritance and insists she was also married to Will.

Jane D’Avenant arrives and claims that she has Will’s son and also claims a share. Anne Hasthaway is left to sort out fact from fiction and find a fair way to divide her inheritance.

The play has a surprising ending and could almost be one of Shakespeare’s plots!