Inspiring Hope & Courage

Chris grew up in the rural surroundings of Port St Johns, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

At high school, Chris discovered he had a gift for speaking and led students in protest against the unjust system of “apartheid”.

This action was to set him on a collision course with the apartheid regime, so he spent the rest of his life involved in a battle with authorities. He became a freedom fighter and joined the banned African National Congress.

Since then, Chris has had the honour of working with some of the greatest world leaders including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, FW De Klerk and Colin La Foy. He was Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard for eight years.

Chris will be sharing his story and the unique story of South Africa’s transition from ‘apartheid’ to democracy.

It’s a story of determination and resilience which is a tribute to the thousands of South Africans who have given their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

The key themes from his message are determination, courage, perseverance, persistence and the power of forgiveness.