A comedy written by Joan Greening, First Performance at Brighton Festival May-June 2021. Nominated for an award


Sarah Archer – Charlotte
Emma Hopkins – Anne
Stu Jackson – Rev Arthur Nicholls
Julia Munrow – Tabby

Time: The action of the play takes place in 1849

Place: The Bronte’s Living Room in Haworth

This is a comedy which tells the story of Charlotte Bronte’s romance with Arthur Bell Nicholls.

Charlotte has refused Arthur many times, as she thinks he looks like an ox and is only a curate. She is a well-known and brilliant author and Jane Eyre is the best book ever written. Her aim in life is to give a comfortable life to her beloved Dada.

She is cruel and unkind to Arthur when he proposes to her and he decides he has had enough of her, and is thinking of going to Australia. The family servant, Tabby, suggests to Anne that it would be a good thing to persuade Charlotte to marry Arthur.

Beloved Dada is nearly blind and Arthur does all the work in the Paris. If beloved Dada is unable to carry on he will be replaced and they will lose the house. Charlotte agrees to marry Arthur and he refuses as she has been unkind to him. Tabby steps in and eventually Charlotte is able to say “Reader I married him”.

This play is based on facts. Charlotte Bronte did refuse Arthur Nicholls many times and then she changed her mind. The writer has imagined a scenario where this might of happened!