Cecily’s Fund

Cecily’s Fund is located in Witney and was founded in 1997 working in Zambia for 24 yrs now. Cecily Eastwood was 19 yrs having done a gap year in an orphanage in Kitwe during 1997 when she was tragically killed in a road accident two weeks before being due to return to the UK to start her studies at Cambridge. Her parents set up the charity in her name. We support orphans and disadvantaged children to access education as the best route out of poverty.

Cecily’s Fund has been working in zamia since 1997 and we have invested over £6 million in life changing interventions that have helped the most vulnerable children in Zamia to improve their life chances through access to education. economic empowerment and psycho-social support.  We are named after Cecily Eastwood who died in Zambia during her gap year in 1997.  Since its  formation Cecily’s Fund has helped over 20,000 disadvantaged children to have a brighter future.  We believe that access to education in all its forms, can be a route out of poverty enabling disadvantaged young people to achieve better and more secure futures.


We work to four strategic objectives which reflect our mission

  1. Enable orphans and vulnerable children to go to school by investing in youth
  2. Support children to succeed at school and adopt a youth-led approach to help them reach their potential
  3. Prepare children for life beyond school through vocational training, citizenship and personal development
  4. Strengthen community support for vulnerable children’s education by developing sustainable interventions that reach parent-guardians which empower, educate, improve livelihoods and build social capital


Website: www.cecilysfund.org

Contact: acooper@cecilysfund.org