A Comedy Written by Joan Greening, Music and Lyrics by Emma Hopkins WORLD PREMIERE!


Sarah Archer – Anne Hathaway

Emma Hopkins Jane D’Avenant

Stu Jackson – William Shakespeare

Julia Munrow – Ann Whateley

Time: Action of the play takes place from 1582-1616

Who was Shakespeare’s true love? Anne Hathaway, his wife and older seducer? Anne Whateley, who, despite being talented, dedicated her life to helping Shakespeare write? It could have been Jane D’Aventant the lusty tavern owner who bore his bastard son.

All will be revealed in this comic caper. It’s also possible we will find out who was ‘The Dark Lady of the Sonnets’. It’s also possible we might not!

The play is based on facts and suppositions. It is true that Shakespeare had agreed to marry Anne Whateley the day before he married Anne Hathaway. It was always rumoured that Shakespeare had an illegitimate son called William D’Avenant who became an important man in the theatre and did, indeed, become poet laureate.

The rest is the writer’s imagaination!