Learning 4 Life Africa

RC Abingdon Vesper’s award winning African Eco-stove Project builds dirt-cheap cookstoves in homes and schools in rural Uganda which save 2/3 of firewood. This improves the health and welfare of women and children who no longer have to cook in smoke-filled kitchens and spend up to 5 hours to collect wood every day. A medium size school uses 3 lorry-loads of firewood per week to cook school-meals. This can also be reduced to 1/3, saving 600 trees or 106 tonnes of CO2 per year per school. Please help us by “adopting a school”. We are happy to give a presentation to your Rotary Club.

Website: https://www.learning4lifeafrica.org & https://www.abingdon-rotary.org.uk/

Contact: mayasmeulders@hotmail.com